In our in-home care, doctors visit children with high medical dependence, and provide medical care at home. Not only doctors but also nurses and rehabilitation therapists make a visit and provide care.

Our in-home care is comprehensive and include medical examination, medication, infusion, blood draw, tracheostomy tube, gastrostoma PEG replacement, CV catheter management、blood transfusion, and opioid medication.

The doctor’s regular visit is twice, or at least once, a month and there is also an emergency response. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week. We also cover the end of life care at home and stay by patient’s bedside when they pass away. Japan’s universal public insurance system covers 70-90% of the medical cost. In addition, there are subsidy programs that support the healthcare cost of children and people with disabilities, so in most of the case, there is virtually no cost to the patients.

Medical Incorporated Foundation Harutaka kai

Hirotoshi Maeda,MD.